Quest For Pysanky

So You Want To Be An Eggromancer*

I'm working on a tabletop game! It's super early on, but I think there are some great ideas and the two other chaps (Patrick BonaduceKevin Snow) I've been bouncing thoughts off of are excited which keeps me excited! The game is about creating pysanky, decorated eggs, to stave off the minions of a horrible serpent chained to a cliff. If the players fail, the chains are loosened and the serpent is free to wander the earth causing chaos and destruction.

That is real lore and legend. There's more and it's all really fascinating.

The idea stemmed from the passing of my grandma, Rosalia Belida, and her love of these painted eggs. They were always present in her house, and as she got older she expressed interest in passing this tradition down. Finally on Easter in 2010, we got our first introduction.

That's her on that first day of pysanka lessons, and me hard at work on what I think was my very first egg.

She died on March 28, 2014; a little under a month before Easter. The timing was heartbreaking, but we all got together on Easter Sunday to make eggs in celebration. I made a Gone Home egg, and a black and white egg with the traditional design of a rose on it on that day. Wanting to make some sort of tribute to her followed shortly after.

The process of making pysanka is what first sparked the idea for a game. It's a puzzle. A puzzle you make in reverse, using wax to create your designs and patterns but also covering up the puzzle in the process making it harder as you go.

I first considered some sort of head-to-head card game where the players are given an end-egg-goal, and layer cards down to see who can make the egg the fastest without messing up the final goal design. Other thoughts were it having some sort of economy or bidding mechanic to get the needed dyes and wax patterns.

After shooting that idea by my good friend artist Patrick Bonaduce, he suggested something a little larger in scope and I fell in love with the idea. He's always been great at world building. I immersed myself in the lore and legend of pysanky and what you read in the first paragraph is the result. A cooperative tabletop game where the players use the power of various pysanky eggs to save the world from a horrible serpent chained to a cliff.

That's all for now, more later. I hope to keep a running development log of thoughts and ideas as this process goes along!