Making An Egg

This is it. This is the part of Kistka I really want to get perfect. It's a central mechanic of the game! There are really only two components to worry about here: the colored dyes, and the wax patterns. I don't count the egg since it acts as a canvas for the other two.

The very first idea I had for a game involving creation of pysanky eggs was a head-to-head card game. I wanted to mimic the actual process of dyeing eggs; you dye a color, then cover up the areas you want to stay that color with wax, you dye the whole egg again, cover, working from the lightest color to the darkest color. The only way I could see this working was with transparent components, similar to the card game Gloom.

Even then, to really mimic the process would require laying down a cover card after each dye + wax layer. Then removing that cover card at the end? I'm still not even sure if this kind of layering would be possible with a physical medium like a card game. Overall, a fairly complex mechanic, and not one that fell in line with where the theme for Kistka went.

Once we decided to have a map that players would be moving across and gathering materials to create dyes and patterns, it made sense to simplify the egg creation process. Players would be making a lot of eggs!

Here's where it stands right now. I'm thinking there will be player boards, and a certain number of slots for eggs on those player boards. Using traditional pysanka colors, patterns, and symbols we open up a large number of variations of creatable eggs! Specific locations, or evil minions on the map will require specific eggs. Specific eggs could be used for permanent or temporary buffs. I'm also tossing around the idea of a 'burn' mechanic that would allow players who have botched progress on an egg to burn it and get a small buff or bonus.

As far as the actual eggs go, I think cardboard chits are the way to go. Egg / half-egg shaped colored pieces for the dyeing part, and smaller chits for the patterns and symbols which would simply sit on top. Two-color eggs would be the most ever needed given the variations possible with colors and symbols.

It doesn't exactly replicate the pysanka process, but is a good initial option for the medium.