How Do I Player Sheet

In a post about the lore behind Kistka, I mentioned having a player sheet where players build their eggs. It would also serve as a reference sheet with basic turn and action information, as well as a cheat sheet for the effects the various colors and patterns have in the game.

I thought a nice little inventory spot would be handy as well. I haven't gotten there in the design of the mechanics, but I imagine there might be a limit on how much you can carry in the game? Realistically dyes and wax are not very heavy and could be carried en masse; but in the scope of the game it might make sense to limit the amount a player can carry.

One problem that sketching this brought forward is how to manage egg dyes / colors. Does the game need two-color eggs, is one enough? With your standard egg shape, pieces would have to be halved along the vertical. Horizontally, like above, means a top piece would need to be paired with a bottom piece due to the non-symmetry. Vertically means any color piece could be paired with any color piece.

There's already a ton of variation with one color and one or two symbols / patterns on an egg. The easy solution is entire-egg single color pieces. Past that, there are so many symbols used in pysanka, more than a game would ever need; so we will be picking and choosing a small set that work within the game.

I'm also not 100% on having the symbol information on the sheet. Two-tone eggs, and more symbols could always be some sort of add-on or expansion down the line (waaaaaay down the line). Putting just some on the player sheet would be shooting the game in the foot. A separate reference sheet might be the way to go.

Thanks much to Eric Zimmerman and the super well-designed player sheet for Quantum, its really made me look at the Kistka player sheet carefully.