Maybe How I Player Sheet

Actual mock up! As I talked about in the previous post- I decided to leave the color / pattern explanations off the player sheet. With the possible addition of more, and the risk of being too cluttered; it just made sense.

That rad portrait of an eggromancer is, of course, by Patrick. Make sure you check out the other early work he's done so far!

I also went with an egg shape that is both vertically and horizontally symmetrical! Will make use of dye bits and chits much easier. Vertically split dye pieces wouldn't have worked very well methinks.

SPECIAL EGGBILITY was too hard for me NOT to type. Patrick tossed out the idea of characters in the game having special attributes or abilities. It's an idea worth exploring, but I'm a bit hesitant. I want to avoid any character in Kistka being a black sheep that no one wants to play as. This is less of an issue in cooperative games since no one will feel they're being beat due to their character having a shitty ability, but there is something to be said for a level playing ground.

It's probably absolutely possible to balance it well, and make sure each ability is Really Useful™. That said, even popular games like Arkham Horror and Forbidden Island that were designed by industry veterans have player characters that tend to be traded in for another.