Burning An Egg

In my Making An Egg post, I mentioned a 'burn' mechanic for eggs the player has in process. There are a limited number of slots to build eggs for the player, so they need a way to get rid of them other than normal use of using a finished egg on a location on the map. Maybe a more dire situation has arrived, or maybe an egg in progress wasn't needed anymore.

On top of that, I didn't want to punish players for getting rid of an egg, so I decided some sort of small buff would be in order to not make it a complete loss.

Initially I wanted certain aspects (color, pattern / design) of the egg to decide what the buff from burning it would be; but this was too close to standard use of the eggs in the game. You can already create a specific egg to get a specific buff or have a certain effect in the game, so the burn mechanic needed to be something else. Something not quite as powerful, but still useful.

After some chat with Patrick, we settled on burning an egg having a random effect. I was already looking for some place to have dice rolls in the game (I can't help it, I love rolling dice), and this seemed like a good fit. Here's where it sits right now on rolling a D6 when you burn an egg:

  • 1 or 2 - Movement bonus (+1 movement)
  • 3 or 4 - Gather bonus (+1 resource gathered)
  • 5 - Blourish bonus (flip an adjacent, deadened tile)
  • 6 - Egg bonus (use extra egg slot and create a finished egg, single use)

Simple enough. Given the relatively simple mechanics, it was actually a struggle to come up with two different bonuses for 5 and 6. Will need plenty of playtesting to determine if these are balanced.

BLOURISH. Right, I think this is a combination of bloom and flourish? Possible mechanic in the game involves healing lands and villages through use of specific decorated eggs. Darkened lands cannot be used to gather resources (wax, dye), so it would be to the players' benefit to keep lands blourishing.

The reason for a dice roll is two-fold: I also hope it creates tense moments where a player burns an egg as a last-ditch effort. Maybe they need just to be able to move one more space to drop an egg on a crucial location and win the game, maybe there aren't enough turns left to finish the egg they need to stop the horrible monster from easing out the last link on its chain.