I Made A Firewatch Pysanka

Firewatch is a video game coming out soon. Check it out at firewatchgame.com! I made a cool egg mimicking some of the great art that has come out from the artists at Campo Santo (the developers).

Here's a bit of the process involved:

First step was to take a plain white egg, poke a hole in both sides, and blow out the white and yolk.

Photo to the left is after I sketched out the design with a pencil then did the first layer of yellow dye.

Next step was to use a kistka (a pen that writes with wax) to lay wax on the areas I wanted to remain yellow. In this case the sky above the mountains, and the negative space in the Firewatch logo.

With the yellow areas covered up I did the next layer of dye, a gold-orange, and covered up the mountains in the background which I wanted to stay that color.

I carried on this way through a brick color dye for the trees and watch tower, then brown for the ground and Firewatch logo.

Here's the egg after the brick color dye, just before I covered up the trees and watchtower with wax.

You end up covering more and more of the color up as you work from the lightest color dye to the darkest until it's a bit of a muddy mess, but...

Then you get this moment where you melt away and wipe all of the covering wax off to reveal the finished pysanka.