Easter, Eggs!

Made some pysanky for Easter!

First egg I went for a traditional design. Divided the egg into four and mirrored the design on each side. The colors weren't as vibrant as I would have liked, but I'm happy with how the design came out.

The second egg from yesterday was one I had said I was going to attempt about a year ago.

Beneath Floes is a lovely work of interactive fiction based on Inuit lore from Kevin Snow with art from Patrick Bonaduce.

This biggest challenge on this egg was how dark the colors are. The light pencil outline I'd sketched on the white egg was near impossible to see once the dark blues were dyed on, and laying down dark wax on the dark colors of the large sky / ocean surface areas meant I missed tiny areas which left a couple of unwanted black spots. The bird silhouettes came out a bit muddy as well.

Overall though I'm glad I finally got to making a pysanka mimicking that superb art. 5/5 would wax again.